Control Noise

General Details

With this equipment we intend to raise awareness about the environmental noise that is generated in closed spaces by visualizing real-time noise level expressed in A-weighted decibels (dBA).
A-weighting is the standard of audible frequencies designed to reflect the noise response of the human ear.
Besides, you can view other parameters such as time, temperature and humidity in the environment.

Technical Information

High resolution RGB display and large size 380 x 100 m/m.
– Measurement range between 35 dB “A” and 105 dB “A”.
– Temperature sensor integrated in the equipment.
– Humidity sensor integrated in the equipment.
– Time clock integrated in the equipment.
– Remote control and real-time display of up to 12 devices simultaneously.
– Wi-fi connection for control, programming and visualization in real time.
– Visual range “Green, Amber, Red” configurable.
– Message times noise levels, temperature, humidity, smile and configurable Clock.
– Clock automatic configuration Summer Winter.
– Storage of the last 180 days.
– Plug & Play connection via Wi-Fi without wiring.
– Power supply 85 to 245 Volts 50 / 60 Hz.


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