General Details
  • Capacities of 30 Notebooks/Laptops (up to 15,6”) or 20 Laptops 17”
  •  One additional tray for a Laptop, WiFi access point and extra space for
    others devices.
  •  Double front door with security 3 locking points.
  •  Back panel with double lock.
  •  Trays and Edurack with ventilation slots.
  •  4 caster wheels, both front with brake.
  •  Made of steel, finishing in epoxy paint (rust-free and highly resistant).
  •  Ergonomic handles for an easier transport.
  •  2 PDU’s of 18 Schukos each (total 36), optional additional PDU of 2-6
    schukos and thermal circuit breaker.
  •  Programmable digital timer to select how long and when to recharge.
  •  Isolation of the storage section from the electrical part.
  •  Specific attachments at the back for the battery chargers of the
  •  Optional Modular fan unit with two fans and thermostat.
  •  Optional other PDU’s configurations.
Technical Information

CABINET W=1000 D=550 H=1014


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