Audio System

Voice Enhancement System – CPA-15

Portable Voice Amplifier

Wireless Portable PA Amplifier – CWR-1050W

Wireless Portable PA Amplifier - CWR-1050W, is the ideal public address solution for small group of audience up 150 people. It can be used in a variety of applications and to extend PA coverage for voice and audio amplification.

IR Microphone Education System – CWB-32

comm CWB-32, the IR Microphone Education system is the most effective solution for Educational schools where individual rooms are to be equipped with powerful sound systems.

Mini 2-Channel Amplifier – CPA-220

CPA-220, is the mini digital amplifier for speaker systems widely used in classrooms and other applications that requires compact and economical audio amplifications solutions.

Classroom Active Speakers – CWS-216A

comm CWS-216A, the 2-way Active Speaker System with built-in amplifier and auto-power specially designed for use in classrooms and conference rooms.

Classroom Active Speakers – CWS-206

comm CWS-206, the 2-way Active Speaker System with built-in filter specially designed for use in classrooms.

Classroom Active Speakers CWS-203

CWS-203, the 2-way Active Speaker System with built-in filter specially designed for use in classrooms.

Multi-Room PA Speaker System – CWI-30

comm multi-room wireless public address active speaker system - CWI-30, is the best solution for schools or commercial buildings which are keen to install sound system in every rooms. Complete with Wireless microphone transmitter (optional handheld OR bodypack version), it can be used in any room fitted with the speaker system

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