Integrated Controller IPC-3A

Widely used in Classrooms, Auditoriums, Lecture Theatres, Conference Rooms etc.

General Details
Display Controller for your Projector, Plasma (Power ON/OFF, input source selections, volume control) via RS232 Commands
One Touch Selection with LED Back-Lit Indications
32 sets of pre-programmed control protocols for the different displays’ models, selection through Dip-Switch Settings
Built-In Signal Amplifier of 350MHz
Digital Volume control for sound level adjustments
Volume Maximum Indicator
Video Source Selector Syncronize with Audio output
Audio Source Selector Over-ride Video selection
PLUG & PLAY-EXTERNAL Output Connections
Technical Specification
Power Supply
12V DC Power Adapter
PC Signal – VGA (D-Sub 15-Pin Female)
PC Audio – 3.5mm Mini Jack
Video Signal – Composite Video (RCA)
Audio Signal – Stereo / Composite Audio (RCA)
Microphone IN – 6.35mm Phono Jack
PC Signal – 2 x VGA (D-Sub 15-Pin Female) Bandwidth of 350MHz
Video Signal – Composite Video (RCA)
Audio Signal – 3.5mm Mini Jack
RS232 – 2.5mm Mini Jack
Microphone – 14 steps to Maximum Volume
Communication Control
Serial Control Port – RS232
Baud Rate – 9600, 19200, 38400, 115200
Pre-programmed 32 sets of control protocols; Selection through Dip-Switch Setting
Selector Switch
Display ON
Display OFF
Volume UP / MUTE / DOWN
Source Selector (Switch between PC or Video Input)
Audio Selector (Select from PC, Video, MIC Audio)
Auto Sync (Toggle button)
Blank (Toggle Button)

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