X-Cube XCU Lift

comm Universal Projector X-Cube XCU Lift - Ultimate Lift system which allows every projector to be easily attached and adjusted to the projection surface. Suitable for conference rooms, boardrooms, training rooms, showrooms etc.

General Details
Bullet Universal Projector Mounting -Suitable for most LCD/DLP Projectors
Bullet 3 positions : Store, Show & Service Position
Bullet Wireless RF Remote Control
Bullet Setting Allows from Ground Level
Bullet Silent Motor
Technical Specification
Bullet Model XCU-180
Bullet Dimension (WxDxH) (fully closed position) 605 x 605 x 350 mm
Bullet Internal Cage Size (WxDxH)
(fully closed position)
550 x 550 x 180 mm
Bullet Maximum Lowering 1500 mm
Bullet Maximum Weight Capacity 15 kgs
Bullet Power Consumption 100 W
Bullet Voltage 230 – 240V
Bullet Maximum Projector Size (WxDxH) 450 x 450 x 180 mm

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